Beauty Boss: Blush Academy

We are obsessed with beauty bossin’ it at the moment and bringing you tips from ladies in the know. Today we are delighted to share this Guest Expert blog post from Zara Elliot, CEO & Founder of the Blush Academy



Blush Academy provides you with the SHORT CUTS that will GROW your business the right way and help you avoid wasting money on things that don’t work.

Attend our events and workshops in London, where you’ll get to hear our founder, Zara Elliott, share her extensive knowledge, tips and ‘no-nonsense’ approach to making more profit in your beauty and wellness business.


Or learn from the comfort of your own home with our online courses or our one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Knowledge and expertise from experts who have ‘been there’ and know first-hand, how hard it is to create a truly profitable business in our industry.


Whilst your treatments and services will be your daily earner, you should try to make some extra money and boost your retail sales.

  1. Using Questions to Your Advantage

Asking your clients the right questions is the ideal way to encourage them to make a retail sale; all without seeming too pushy or intrusive.

The best way to start a sale is with an open question. These are questions that have no exact yes or no answer, and will need the client to think, as well as share some all important information.

Some of the best examples of open questions include:

What are the main issues/concerns with your skin?

What one thing would you change?

What do you like about your eyebrows/nails/skin?

How does your skin/makeup/back/hands feel?

After these initial open questions, you will find our products that you can then recommend to your client, leading to a closed question in order to make a sale. Closed questions only have a yes or no answer.


2. Display Your Products Beautifully

Many people shop with their eyes, which means an untidy display isn’t going to appeal. Seeing as you are in the beauty business, make sure that you put all those key products on display that stands out and you will soon see your sales figures rise.

3. Give Clients a Great Deal

We all love a good deal, which means that you may need to keep an eye on what other beauty businesses and retail outlets are offering. Make sure that you compete with these other outlets and you will soon have clients that are loyal to buying their beauty products from you rather than anywhere else.

4. Keep It Simple

As you are not a shop, it is important that you keep the retail side of your business simple. You will already be focusing on the ins and outs of the rest of your company, so don’t bog yourself down with these extra details.

Build your retail side up over time and you can offer more products to your clients, as well as ensuring that you still offer the same great level of service.

5. Be an Expert

There is a good chance that your clients will turn to you for advice. If you are stocking products in your salon, then make sure you know all about them. Otherwise you may find your sales suffer. Try out the products, see how they work for you and in turn you can pass the recommendation onto your clients.

Being the best business woman that you can be is so much more than perfecting your art. Whilst you may attend beauty courses in order to learn more about the techniques and tools to improve your craft, learning more about how to improve your sales and bring in as much money as you can.

So, follow our top tips and see how much it can bring to your beautiful business!

Did you love this post and the support it offers?  I am sure we will be catching up with Zara again so stay tuned to the blog!

Remember that Fake Bake are hosting their very first Beauty Business Masterclasses and we would love for you to join us!  Here are the dates for your diaries and don’t forget to book a place by emailing fbbmasterclass_fb-002


6th March 2017

4pm – 8pm

132 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2RQ


8th March 2017

4pm – 8pm

The Secret Warehouse

Syren Street, Liverpool, L20 8HN


13th March 2017

4pm – 8pm

Sanctum Soho

20 Warwick St, Soho, London, W1B 5NF

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