Product of the week: Bronzie Mitt

It’s that time again, there’s only a few hours until it’s officially the weekend and our only worry is that we have the perfect tan for our big night out. With that in mind, our product of the week has to be… (DRUM ROLL) our Bronzie 3-in-1 Tanning Mitt!


We’ve caught up with all the bronzed babes at Fake Bake HQ and asked what they will be using to help them glow this weekend. This week, Amy

Amy is our Social Media gal who’s bonkers for a boomerang and mad for anything metallic. As the queen of Snapchat, what product will she add to her story this weekend?

“My favourite product from the Fake Bake range has to be our new 3-in-1 Bronzie Tanning Mitt – it’s ‘got my back’ when my boyfriend refuses to help me tan my back. I sptitz some Flawless on this mitt before rocking a backless LBD and shimmy the night away with a fully bronzed bod!”

Say goodbye to pleading with your partner in crime to tan your back, Fake Bake got you covered!  This new 3-in-1 tanning mitt takes the hassle out of tanning those hard to reach areas and can be used with any tanning formulation.

With two mitt ends and a middle section, you’ll achieve a professional application finish every time.  And you don’t even have to worry about gloves, as the protective film in each mitt keeps those paws perfectly stain free!

Made from luxurious velour for optimum skin comfort, this wonder product is also washable so that you can use it time after time.


What products will you be using to glow the weekend away?

Lots of love,

Fake Bake x

P.S. you can shop our mitt HERE.

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