Customer Love

Our New Years resolution is to keep our customers bronzed and happy every day of the year. What’s yours? We are all about the power of positivity in 2017, and love to hear what our babe’in Fake Bakers think of our products too! Meet our gorgeous customer Samantha Rickaby


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Sam and I’ve recently turned 30. I’m obsessed with my labrador, Oscar, and love walking him all over! I love going out with friends and baking. I am a keen photographer also and hope to pursue this more in the near future.

Happy New Year! What is your New Year’s Resolution?

To get out and about with my camera more! (Which I am sticking to so far!) I also took on the challenge of completing Dry January, which I have done successfully up to date. I must admit, I’m looking forward to a glass of prosecco now though!

How long have you used Fake Bake for?

Its been that long that I can’t even remember! Years and years, I think I first got to being a fan after having a fake bake spray tan. I loved it and then bought the products for myself to use at home, ensuring a year round glow!

What do you love about our products? What is your favourite?

I love that it gives an even tan with no streaks. My favourite products are the face tanner and the original golden brown all over tanner for your body.

At Fake Bake, we love the power of positivity. What is your top tip for staying positive in 2017?

Every day is a new day so don’t give up. If you don’t have the best of days one day, just brush yourself off and start again with a new and fresh attitude.

We would love to hear from YOU too! Want to feature on our blog? Email .

Lots of love,

Fake Bake x

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