Burns Night: 5 Things We Love About Scotland

Burns Night, 25th January, celebrates the life of Robert Burns, the author of many famous Scottish poems. Not only that, but all Scots spring into tradition to enjoy Rabbie’s birthday – stuffing our faces in Haggis, Neeps and Tatties washed down with a fresh can of Irn Bru! Y U M.

robert bruns.jpg

Today, Fake Bake HQ are celebrating all things Burns as we play ‘who can create the funniest poem?’ and ‘pin the tan on the haggis’. A very fun day to say the least! Within this very cultured day, we have picked out the top five things that we love about Scotland…

1. Scotland is Fake Bake’s Home

Although born in America, Fake Bake has grown up in Glasgow,¬†Scotland. Yes that’s right, in the midst of the hills and castles are a team of bronzed babes under the roof of Fake Bake HQ!


2. Irn Bru

Feeling down? Drink Irn Bru. Stressed? Drink Irn Bru. Hungover? Drink Irn Bru. The only downside to holidays is the withdrawals from this drink of dreams, it solves all problems…


3. The Scenery

There’s no doubt that Scotland has the most beautiful views! From the mountains and lochs, to the rare spotting of Nessie…

4. The Food

Haggis, neeps and tatties (potatoes, if you’re wondering) is Scotland’s equivalent to an American burger. Good stodge, traditional and oh so tasty!


5. Men in Kilts

The famous ‘men in skirts’ – who thought that could have been sexy? There’s no better view that a man in his Scottish kilt, especially if it’s Gerard Butler…

What’s your favourite thing about Scotland?

Happy Burns Day you bronzed babes!

Lots of love,

Fake Bake x

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